About Us

Mary WhitneyMary Whitney

In 1999, Mary Whitney officially translated her vision into an entity, Fluke Foundation. From a very early age Mary loved the ocean and its creatures. She was fascinated by Jacques Cousteau, and was open-water SCUBA certified by age 15. Before graduating, Mary was a research intern twice in Hawaii. The priceless opportunity to live as a cetacean researcher is much of the inspiration for Fluke Foundation.

“The sea, once it casts its spell,
holds one in a net of wonder forever”

—Jacques Cousteau

Betsy Collins

Betsy Collins
Executive Director

Fluke Foundation’s Executive Director, Betsy Collins, is an educator of 25 years. Betsy grew up with the ocean in southern California and continues to live along the central coast. Betsy taught in inner-city Los Angeles for 15 years. She knew most of her young students had never seen the ocean, only a few miles away, so Betsy took them on gray whale migration whale watches for the annual school field trip. Since 2000 Betsy continues her work advocating for youth and education in the Monterey, CA area.