Creation of Fluke Foundation

“We owe it to our children to be better stewards of the environment, … The alternative?…a world without whales. It’s too terrible to imagine.”

—Pierce Brosnan

After several weeks with researchers studying whales and dolphins on the Hawaiian islands as a college freshman, Mary Whitney, founder of Fluke Foundation, knew that some day she would help the whales by helping the people who dedicate their lives to studying them. She saw too many researchers working in difficult circumstances with big daily challenges. Mary decided then that she would help find ways to facilitate the various aspects of scientific whale study for these extraordinary people who share their insights, ideas and scientific data for the good of these magnificent marine mammals.

Nearly 20 years later, Mary had the opportunity to create a charitable foundation and fulfill the dream she discovered in Hawaii. Now she devotes much of her time to Fluke Foundation. Mary continues to have tremendous respect for those working in the field, both researchers and educators. Fluke Foundation primarily works with those who share their information and strongly believes that discoveries are most useful when available for the good of all. A key element to the dissemination of new information is through educational outreach. Fluke Foundation reaches out to a students and educators facilitating access to current knowledge. In many schools, issues about the environment, ocean and conservation are woven throughout the curriculum. Thankfully, with well informed young people, it may not be too late for our beautiful blue planet.